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One Local's Guide to Whitefish Mountain Resort
to The Big Mountain
(or... Whitefish Mountain Resort)

The maps on this site are "interactive".  You click on the trail or area and it takes you to a description.  
(Some are unmarked on the Trail Map, so hover the mouse over unlabeled areas for a moment to see if it is described.)

Some of the pictures have that feature as well.

NOTE:  Due to the large number of pictures on this site, there has been little attempt to optimize it for mobile devices.  (Make sure you are on WiFi!)
In particular, there are numerous places that require you to "Hover" on the maps and area pictures for a label to appear, which does not work on many mobile devices.
That means people on mobile devices will find it more difficult to find "unmarked" areas for info.  (You could just tap them to see what comes up.)  In any case, all can be found on the Site Map.



**Improved connections between Flower Point and the rest of the back have been documented, along with changes to visitor counts.**